Andrea Pryor has been a Naturopath since 1997 and has been with us at Malvern Natural Health Care for over a decade. Andrea specializes in many areas including digestive and bowel conditions, detoxification, insomnia, stress management, difficult skin conditions and allergies. Andrea also has experience in fertility and reproduction issues, pregnancy care, menopause as well as children and adolescent health. She uses a wide range of herbs in liquid, tablet and powder form and has a passion for homoeopathy and Iridology.  Andrea uses Iridology as a diagnostic tool together with a comprehensive case history to determine a client’s health status.

As a nurse for the past 35 years her overall knowledge of disease states, pharmaceutical medicines and interpretation of pathology results allow her to fully understand her clients.

Andrea incorporates zinc testing, urine analysis and cellular health testing (using Bio-Impedence machine) as well as Photospectometry (using Oligoscan machine) in a consultation.  Baseline hormonal profiles, tissue mineral analysis, heavy metal poisoning, food sensitivities, digestive stool analysis, fructose, gluten and lactose breath testing can also be arranged through the clinic.

Andrea is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays & some Saturdays