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Here’s Why Your Weight Loss Plans Are Not Working

No matter what type of diet you are on or what type of workout plan you are following - the secret to weight loss is finding the right energy balance. Let's find out how.

Are you following some rigorous great weight loss plans but not getting any results? This blog is for you!

A weight loss plan precisely includes a combination of diet and exercise. Most people put a lot of effort by restricting their diet, counting calories, cutting down carbs or fats, spending hours in the gym or other physical workouts. But, the majority of people get hardly any results or they immediately put on weight as soon as they stop the plan.

So, what’s wrong with the weight loss plans and why most people fail?

No matter what type of diet you are on or what type of workout plan you are following – the secret to weight loss is finding the right energy balance. And, you can achieve this by burning more calories than you consume. But it is not that straight-forward.

There are many factors that may affect your energy input (i.e. the calories consumed) and your energy output (i.e. the calories burned). So, what are they?

Reasons That Your Weight Loss Plans are Not Working

#1 Lack of Sleep

If your sleep quality or quantity is poor, it can affect your weight loss plan by reducing your metabolic rate. Not only this, disturbed sleep can even increase your cravings, ultimately impacting your appetite regulation. According to research, inadequate sleep is directly related to an increase in weight, body mass index, and waist-to-hip ratio. It significantly affects your energy which then stops you staying active or motivated to stick to your weight loss plan.


No matter how strict the plan you follow, make it a habit to get a good night’s sleep of at least 7 hours. This will keep you going throughout the day, enabling you to have a proper metabolic rate that can further assist you in weight loss.

#2 Lower Metabolism

In the battle of weight loss, it is important that you are strong enough internally. A lower metabolism can reduce your ability to push your boundaries towards weight loss. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be a vicious circle that includes restricting calories for a while – getting results initially – followed by increased calorie intake – and gaining the weight back.

This pattern can reduce your metabolic rate and this is one of the most significant hurdles in your weight loss plan.


Make a lifestyle change by cutting out things which are harmful to your body. Stick to your weight loss plan, but also consider what suits your body. Do not leave your plan midway just because you have started losing the weight. Remember, it can bounce back very soon.

#3 Stress

Be it any form, stress can directly affect your plan. When you are under stress, your body releases a hormone cortisol, which redirects the glucose to your muscles. This eventually reduces your glucose level. Eventually, it will increase your appetite while making it easier for your body to store fat, particularly the abdominal fat.

The general tendency is people binge on the carb-rich foods and sugar when they are stressed. So, when you consume carbs, it gets combined with fats and salt, which activates certain areas of brains. This provides a temporary relief from negative emotions like sadness or anxiety.


It is true that we cannot eliminate stress from our lives, but reacting in these situations is definitely in our control. Do not indulge in carb-rich foods and try to spare a few minutes in a day where you can stop doing everything and just breathe. Proper breathing is best to lower your stress level, hence whenever you feel stressed, take a deep breath. Meditating is another great way to remain calm.

#4 Hormonal Imbalance

Everything is interlinked when it comes to body functions. Hormones are the chemical messengers that travel to your tissues or organs through your bloodstream. A number of hormones can affect your ability to lose weight, these include:

  • Estrogen (in both females and males)
  • Progesterone
  • Insulin
  • Cortisol
  • Leptin
  • Testosterone
  • Thyroid

So, even if there is a slight imbalance in hormones, you may experience a significant change in your metabolism and your body. This, in turn, facilitates the conversion of what you eat and drink. The disrupted hormones make it easier for you to gain weight while harder to lose it.


There are many ways through which you can balance your hormones. Eat a hormone-balancing diet, bulk up on fibre, limit or remove alcohol and work out daily. You can also visit your Naturopath or for specialised tests and support the body with the nutrients required in your diet or via mineral and vitamins if required.

#5 Inflammation

Don’t take it lightly, it can be a silent barrier to your weight loss. The increased blood glucose levels due to inflammation can trigger weight gain by storing excess fat in your body. As toxins are stored in your fat cells, liberating them while on a weight loss program can further promote inflammation.


To avoid inflammation in the first place, it is recommended to follow a tailored clinical detoxification program that can assist you in your journey of weight loss. Consult a qualified practitioner for more details.

To Conclude

While there are many other factors that may contribute to weight-loss resistance, it is good to seek advice from a qualified health practitioner who specialises in weight loss plans.

With proper personalised care, you will be able to address the specific challenges that you encounter in your weight loss journey.

If you are in search of one such practitioner, Malvern Natural Health Care is the right place for you. The team of experienced practitioners will work out a personalised weight loss plan for you making sure that you reach your fitness goals faster and in an efficient manner.

We have helped thousands of people with long-standing health issues. Our wide range of natural treatments from qualified and friendly practitioners can help you too.

We provide a comprehensive range of integrative, herbal, homeopathic medicines, considering the body in the holistic fashion to diagnose and treat the illnessess and not just the symptoms.

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