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Specialized in-house testing is available to help locate the causes of illness, identify areas for improvement and to monitor your progress
Measure your Minerals & Heavy Metal Toxicity levels with the OligoScan. The OligoScan uses high-frequency light spectrophotometry to provide a precise analysis of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals in your body.
blood analysis
Live Blood Analysis
Live Blood Analysis is an excellent tool for unlocking the secrets held within your blood cells. This test consists of taking a single drop of your blood and viewing it under a powerful microscope.
body composition
Body Composition Analysis
Body Composition Analysis - or Bio-impedance Analysis is a versatile test that measures and assesses your body's current muscle mass, fat mass, cellular fluid balance, biological age and more.
acupuncture melbourne
Iridology is an exceptional analytical tool where the Naturopath studies the colour, structure and traits of your eye - or more specifically - your iris.
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